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Club Information

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Access to the Club House

All members (aged 16 years and over) have access to our club house and will be given a code when they become a member so they can enter the club house and gain access to the keys to the courts. We have a small kitchen with a microwave, fridge/freezer and tea/coffee making facilities. The club house also has a toilet. There is a large table in the club house and plenty of chairs that can be taken outside onto the patio area when the weather is good.

Please note that secondary school children (year 7 - aged 11, to year 11 aged 16) can have access to our courts only (when not accompanied by a parent or guardian) by paying a £5 refundable deposit for a key that gives them access to the public gate that faces court 1.  Primary school aged children will need to be with an adult to gain access to the courts. If their parent / guardian is not a member of the club, they can also get a key to the public gate for a £5 refundable deposit to let their child onto the court, but the parent or guardian must remain with a primary aged child at all times. Please contact our Membership Secretary, Georgina Noakes, if you require a key, her details are in the Contacts section.

Please leave the club house as you found it and wash up, dry and put away any cups or plates you have used. This will ensure the club house is an enjoyable space for everyone.

Light tokens for floodlights

If you need light tokens please contact one of the following:

  • Richard Dawson   H: 01622 725 432   M: 07946 996 565

  • Georgina Noakes  H: 01622 761 970   M: 07741 452 276

  • Nick Yandle            H: 01622 753 697   M: 07379 103 657

Tokens are £2 each for 30 mins. Please give at least a couple of days’ notice. Your tokens will be left in a named envelope on the noticeboard in the club house. Please put your money for the tokens in the envelope and post it in the white box on top of the fridge/freezer.


Balls are supplied for all our social tennis sessions. Please find them in the tubes in the ball cabinet by the kitchen. Please return them to the cabinet after you have used them.

Children’s tennis balls (orange and red dependent on age / ability) are available in the club house, hanging in their respective bags, underneath the light token boxes on the left hand wall. Please replace them after use. We also have a variety of tennis equipment that children are welcome to use with their parents or guardians’ supervision. These are available in the ‘toy box’ in the club house. Please return them to the box after use so that everyone can enjoy access to this equipment.

We endeavour to replace all balls regularly so our members can enjoy the use of good quality tennis balls whenever they play an organised session at the club.

New tennis balls can be bought from head coach, Zane Cheeseman, at £5 for a tin of four.

First Aid

A First Aid box is located on top of the fridge/freezer. There are reusable ice packs in the freezer section that just need washing and returning to the freezer after use. Please can all accidents be recorded in the accident book. If any first aid equipment is used please contact our welfare officer Anne-Marie Doyle so that it can be replaced immediately. Her details can be found under Contacts.


We have two recycle bags in the club house, please follow the instructions above the bins and help us be environmentally friendly. Please take home all food waste. We also recycle our tennis balls and money raised is put towards new coaching equipment for the club, so everyone wins!

Booking a court
Members can book a court online via the Book a Court tab . All members are sent a log on and a password. A link to a step-by-step guide to booking a court can also be found here. Court 1 is nearest to the club house, Court 4 is furthest away.
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