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Book a Court

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Once regsitered, you can also download the Club spark app on your mobile device to make bookings. Search ClubSpark Booker from your App Store

Registering with the LTA

We use the LTA Club Spark online booking system for our court bookings


If you wish to book a court you need to do the following

  •  You will need a LTA username and password in order to book a court. 

  • If you already have this and have forgotten your details, you can reset them here  Join Advantage | Tennis Membership Benefits | LTA 

  • Click on Sign In at the top corner of the screen and reset details 

  • If you aren't already an LTA member click on Join Us at the top of the screen and follow the instructions. 

  • Juniors- will need to sign up to the LTA Junior Membership. 

  • There are a range of options for membership so  we would suggest signing up for the Advantage Play + which is free to join and then you will be registered to play in league matches as well. 

Online Court Booking System Rules

  • Only members have access to the online booking system.

  • You can book a court for a maximum of two hours if the court is not booked after this time you can continue to play.

  • All members will be able to book courts up to 14 days in advance.

  • If you haven’t turned up to within 10mins of your booking time, another member can take this court.

  • If you cannot make a court you have booked, please cancel it so other members can have the opportunity to book the court.

  • Online booking means that all members have equal access to make a booking.

  • Junior members can only book a court up until 7pm. An adult may not book a court to play with a junior after 7pm but may play if others are not waiting.

  • Court 1 is closest to the club house


You can easily see what’s happening on the courts, now and in the future via your phone or computer from the comfort of your armchair!

If you are the last to leave the courts please make sure all the windows and doors including toilet doors in the clubhouse are closed securely. Also lights are switched off and the gate is locked and not left on the latch. 

Information for Junior Members

Junior members can book courts for up to 2 hours a day up to 7pm on weekdays and anytime at the weekend. Juniors age 12 and below must be supervised by an adult. No juniors are allowed in the clubhouse without an adult present. 

When you join MLTC

When you join Maidstone LTC and have registered with the LTA you will be added to our booking system and you will receive an email from clubspark with an invite link to get you registered to the system.


To get registered follow the instructions below

Step 1: Click link in the clubspark email

Step 2: 

Click the sign in via the LTA link on the right hand side 


Step 3:

Enter your LTA username and password

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via

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Online Instructions

Please click on the PDF to view instructions

App Instructions
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